Refrigerator Repair

Is your refrigerator running? If it isn’t we will fix it right away and put it back back on track!

3D very realistic refrigerator door with two magnets and two white surfaces like photo o post-it papersCherry Hill Appliance Doctor is a Cherry Hill, NJ based company that provides a refrigerator repair service of the highest quality! Our highly trained personnel have vast experience in the refrigerator business. Our 46 years of fateful service have elevated our business to a reputable status – we are respected by our clients and our competitors as well! We are of course, fully licensed – there can be no doubt, in the superior quality of our appliance repair service! Whether you require refrigerator, freezer, oven, or high quality washer and dryer repair, we will be here for you! The types of refrigerators we service include:

  •  freezer on top style – the freezer unit is located on top of the refrigerator compartment
  •  side by side style – the freezer compartment is located on the left side, refrigerator on the right
  •  French door style – the freezer is located on the bottom part of the refrigerator unit. Both units have individual doors
  •  and many other styles!

Man looking in fridge, smilingThere are many styles not listed here – it’s because they are so many! Nevertheless, Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor is more than qualified and able to deal with any refrigerator repair service anywhere in Cherry Hill, NJ! Our experienced professionals are prepared to deliver superb performance, and outstanding results.
If you are a do-it-yourself person, we advise you against servicing your own appliance. Very often, important components of the machine are neglected which leads to further damage. Just give us a call, and we will do all the work without wasting your time or money!

Apart from refrigerator services, we perform high quality dishwasher repairs as well! Our highly qualified personnel will provide any appliance repair services you desire without delay or hesitation.

Our company operates at competitive and affordable rates – no need to worry about affordability!

Contact us now on: (856) 413-5610 and you will receive a complete list of the repair and maintenance services we offer!

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