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Is it that time of the season, when home appliances just stop working? Do you suddenly find yourself in need of appliance repair?

We proudly present to you Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor!

Working in Cherry Hill, NJ our company delivers a high quality appliance repair service like no other! With 46 years of experience, our respected and fully licensed company never fails to impress with oustanding results. Our esteemed and highly experienced team of professionals stand prepared to take on any task – anything from highly efficient refrigerator repair, to dryer and washer maintenance. Here are few of the appliances we kitchencan fix for you:

  •  refrigerators
  •  freezers
  •  washers
  •  garbage disposals
  •  ovens
  •  and a whole lot more!

We started our business with a single goal – to help people with their appliances, fast and effectively. For nearly half a century, Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor has observed the development of the many different kinds of kitchen appliances. Our Cherry Hill, NJ business has evolved alongside the constantly changing technical trends, gaining even more valuable experience that is unreachable by any of our competitors. We excel at customer service, and care! Before any actual “repairing” we will visit you, to estimate the damage. In most cases before an appliance stops working, there is a period where it will show symptoms. Usually they are not continuous, and most people don’t even notice them until it’s too late.

Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor
Address: Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone: (856) 413-5610

Pan heating on electric stoveAs a company that has been in the market for quite some time, we advise you not to perform any appliance repair service on your own. The electronics these days have more parts, which are small in size and are far more sensitive than their old counterparts – it is very easy to increase the damage unintentionally, and render your machine unserviceable. Compact electronic chips have displaced bulky circuit boards, but are less resistant to simple dust! Even cleaning them is a chore that requires some professional knowledge, otherwise they will be rendered inefficient. This is why you should leave the work to us, and we guarantee to bring you results beyond satisfaction!

We understand the need for quality appliance repair. Sometimes, a client will have an old refrigerator that has sentimental value – we can fix it as well! The brand or the year in which your appliance unit was produced does not matter, because when it comes to repairing them, our company will do everything to fix what is broken! Make sure that you call our number listed below, and ask about the full range of services we can provide for you! Do not deny yourself the superb service you deserve!

Technician repairing the dishwasherOne of Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor‘s proficiencies is kitchen repair, this is why dishwasher repairs are considered a specialty of ours. Besides dishwashers, we offer washer and dryer repair services as well! Our business head quarters in Cherry Hill, NJ, has all the necessary resources to complete any appliance repair service! Every specialist in our team is highly qualified and capable of delivering repair services of supreme quality.

Last month Appliance Doctor company repaired our Bosch dishwasher. We want to thank you for your courtesy on the phone, fast response time, and great customer service!

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Cherry Hill Appliance Doctor works with competitive prices, designed to be affordable to our customers – no need to worry about upsetting your household budget! Do not hesitate in giving us a call!

Our friendly personnel will gladly provide you with complete information on all our services at:
(856) 413-5610

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